CM Map Locations (CMML) - Searching by ZIP

Searching by ZIP

In new version of CM Map Locations plugin admin can enable feature to search locations by ZIP and in defined range on the map.

To enable this feature navigate to the Admin Dashboard -> CM Map Locations -> SettingsCheck the full guide on the settings.

Click on the Appearance tab.

Scroll down to the ZIP code radius filter section.

  • Enable ZIP code radius filter - If enabled the ZIP code radius filter will be added to the index page next to the search box.
  • Country code for the ZIP code searching - The ZIP filter will work only within a single country. Note: it works only withing a single country that you've setup in the settings.
  • Enable geolocation - If enabled the user's ZIP code will be recognized using browser's geolocation API. Notice that the geolocation API works only if you're using https.

Radius values

  • Minimum/Maximum radius value - set minimum and maximum radius value.
  • Radius value step - Set radius values step.
  • Radius default value - Set default radius value.

Below: Front-end view of the ZIP radius filter. 

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