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TIP: Download File Example

Speed up the import process by using a sample file. Download CSV example file

Accessing Feature

Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Downloads → Import/Export.

CSV Import/Export

You can export or import downloads as a CSV file, which can be edited as a spreadsheet.

Note that the CSV file doesn't contain files - instead, it lists information on every file, including their address.

TIP: Create a Template

Before starting, export a CSV file to generate a template that will be easy to edit.

CSV File Format

Prepare the CSV files only using a dedicated CSV editor or a spreadsheet editor as MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc in order to make sure you won't make any mistakes with the CSV format (especially when using HTML). Also, use the UTF-8 encoding for the CSV files.

Following columns in such order will be imported from your CSV file:

  • Id - Post ID - not included on import.
  • Title - Download title.
  • Type - Package type, one of the following: file, URL, shortcode.
  • Source - Source file URL or local absolute path to the file. A single value or JSON-encoded array with multiple values. On import, these files will be downloaded to the cmdm directory.
  • Description - Download description. May contains HTML tags.
  • Status - Post status, one of the following: publish, draft.
  • Categories - Categories list separated by commas. May contains categories names, slugs or ids. During the import, the missing categories will be created. Optional on import.
  • Mime - Download mime type, for example, application/zip. If missing will be recognized. Optional on import.
  • Slug - Download slug. Optional on import.
  • Page url - Permalink to the page that downloads has been previously exported. Optional on import.
  • User id - ID of the user on the Wordpress the download has been exported from. Optional on import.
  • Author display name - Display name of the user on the Wordpress the download has been exported from. Optional on import.
  • Views - Number of views. Optional on import.
  • Tags - Tags list separated by commas. May contains tag names, slugs or ids. During the import, the missing tags will be created. Optional on import.
  • Screenshots - Screenshot URL or JSON-encoded array with multiple URLs. Optional on import.
  • Created date - Download created date. Optional on import.
  • Modified date - Download modified date. Optional on import.

Notices: Columns from ID to Description are required, but the ID may be empty
Please use the UTF-8 formatting.

Example CSV File

Import from the server file system

To import downloads from the server file system,  choose the directory and set Status after import (published/draft). 

Checking the option  Trim out file extension in post title will affect the download names. For example, "" to "File".

Click Import files to finish. You should see a message "x downloads imported successfully".

More information about the CM Download Manager WordPress Plugin

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