CM HelpScout Docs Portal (CMHSDP) - How Plugin Works

How Plugin Works

The CM Help Scout Docs Portal plugin is a supplemental WordPress Plugin to the HelpScout Docs product. The plugin uses the latest HelpScout API, connects to your HelpScout knowledge base portal and displays all content using a shortcode on your WordPress site.


It is easy to setup and use, all that is needed is the Docs API key to connect to a Help Scout account.

The plugin supports collections, categories and articles, meaning it can show the whole content of a collection and same for a category. It also supports searching the HelpScout docs and showing pagination of the results. You can also display one single article using a shortcode.

Quick Setup

To start working with CM Help Scout Docs Portal:

  1. Install and activate plugin.
  2. Fetch the Docs API Key from HelpScout.
    It can be accessed by accessing your HelpScout account, clicking the person icon (1), Your Profile (2), Authentication (3) and copying the Docs API Key (4). For more information, check HelpScout's documentation on API.
  3. Go to Admin Panel → CM HelpScout Docs Portal → Options → Plugin Options tab and generate and paste the Docs API Key. Save changes.
  4. Now the connection between WordPress and HelpScout should be complete.

Including HelpScout Content on Your Website

  1. Place the [cm_helpscout_docsapi] shortcode on the post/page you want to display your documentation on.
  2. Include an attribute to specify what will be included. The options are  category|collection|article and they should be followed by the URL value.
    For example, for the following category:

    The shortcode [cm_helpscout_docsapi category="449-helpscout-docs-portal-cmhdsp] would be required. It includes the category attribute and the URL value of that category.

  3. Update post/page.

More information about the CM HelpScout Docs Portal WordPress  Plugin

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