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TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code. Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use

The plugin support several shortcodes:

  • Display category: [cm_helpscout_docsapi category="150-category-name"]
  • Display collection: [cm_helpscout_docsapi collection="40-collection-name"]
  • Display single article: [cm_helpscout_docsapi article="230-article-name"]

Category, collection and article attributes can be taken directly from

For example if help for category is available on address then in shortcode category attribute should have 150-category-name value (or just 150).

If you want to pass category, collection or article by url parameter use category_get_var_name, collection_get_var_name or article_get_var_nameshortcode parameters.

For example to pass category 150-category-name by url http://localhost/cminds/sample-page/?my_param=150-category-name use shortcode: [cm_helpscout_docsapi category_get_var_name="my_param"]

To overwrite general plugin options you can use additional shortcode attributes:

  • show_search="0|1" to overwrite "Show search box" option,
  • show_search_only="0|1" to overwrite "Show search only" option (this option works only if search box is enabled),
  • show_related="0|1" to overwrite "Show related articles" option,
  • show_print="0|1" to overwrite "Add print option to article" option,
  • show_copy_url="0|1" to overwrite "Show copy url button" option,
  • show_pagination_on_top="0|1" to overwrite "Show pagination at the top of the lists" option.

Showing only search box

You can choose to show searchbox only using the following shortcodes

[cm_helpscout_docsapi category="312" show_search_only=1]

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