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How the Plugin Works

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The CM Admin Tools plugin is an “All you Need” set of tools to help you better manage and customize your WordPress admin dashboard.

The CM Admin Tools plugin was built after reviewing all articles with various suggestion on how to improve WordPress admin dashboard, we also reviewed all existing admin tools plugins and created an All In One admin toolset plugin which combines all needed features and controls for administrators.


With this plugin users can create their own custom Admin Bar Menus.

To see the website information or change the plugin settings navigate to CM Admin Tools page. You can view your Wordpress status in the Dashboard tab, change performance, functionality, grant access or delete unwanted posts.

Cron Jobs displays lists of the scheduled WP cron jobs. You can delete unwanted jobs.

Error logs displays the content of the debug.log file (if  WP_DEBUG is enabled in wp-config.php file or debugging has been enabled in the plugin settings).

Below: Option to enable debug log in plugins settings.

More information about the CM Admin Tools WordPress Plugin

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