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Downloads - Asking for Email to Access a Download

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The CM Download Manager supports the option to ask users who are not logged in to provide an email address before they can download a file. 

If this feature is enabled, the visitor will have to input a name, last name, and a valid email address. Once these fields are filled, the download button will be enabled.

Frontend Example

Configuring the Download

The admin and download authors can choose to require the email for non-logged in users when they create a Download using the "New Download" form. 

Admin - Turning the Feature On

In the plugin setting under the Upload Page tab and the Features subsection, the admin can set this option as default:

Admin Email Notification Settings

Meanwhile, in the Logs section of the Download page tab under the plugin settings, the admin can set the email that will receive a notification email when a new user has specified his email address when downloading a file. If the user is logged in, their email will be automatically recorded from their user profile information.

Please read the page about privacy and GDPR in relations to logs: User Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

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