CM Expert Directory (CMED) - API Settings (Twitter, Google)

API Settings

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Navigate to the  Admin Dashboard → CM Product Directory → Settings.

Click on the  API tab.


Twitter API Keys: Learn how to generate them with our specific guide.
  • Show Twitter Link: Choose YES if Twitter link should be displayed on Expert Page.
  • Show Twitter followers: Check yes or no to show the number of Twitter followers on the expert page. If you selected yes you will need to obtains an API key from Twitter developers website found at
  • Twitter Consumer Key: Enter the Twitter consumer key in the box provided.
  • Twitter Customer Secret: Put the Twitter Consumer Secret in the box provided.
  • Twitter Access Token: Enter the Twitter Access Token in the box provided.
  • Twitter Access Token Secret: Enter the Twitter Access Token Secret in the box provided.


Get a Google Key/Authentication - Google Maps JavaScript API applications require authentication. Go to  Google Developers to get Key. If no API will be set the map on the expert page will not be shown.

Since the version 2.2.4 you can also choose the Google Maps Language using the relevant option.

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