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Expert Profile is not WordPress User

Once a non-logged in user submits a new exper, their email is saved and a password is sent once the listing is approved.

This process does not create a WP user associated with the listing. However, it still allows user to update their expert listing information without having any access to the WP dashboard or having any other privileges related to WP users.

CM Expert Directory Community allows users to suggest their Experts.

Creating the New Expert Submit Form

In the plugin setting you can find the link to the submit form which is auto created by the plugin.

You can also manually create the form by using the shortcode [community_expert_form].

Suggest Expert Settings

After plugin installation go to Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory → Settings.

Click on the Community Expert tab.

In the Moderation Settings select who can add an expert and save changes.

Defining the Captcha for the Form

To avoid spam from anonymous users you should make sure to add your reCaptcha keys to the plugin setting so the suggest new expert form will have a captcha at the bottom.

TIP: How To Obtain reCAPTCHA Keys

Check our complete guide: General Support - reCAPTCHA - What is It and How to Enable

Suggesting an Expert Form (Front-End view)

Go to Suggest Expert page and fill all fields (some of them might be mandatory).

Below: Suggesting expert form - Basic information section.

Below: Suggesting expert form - Media section.

Below: Suggesting expert form - Address section.

Below: Suggesting expert form - Social Media section.

Below: Suggesting expert form - Additional Links and Fields.

Below: Suggesting expert form - Captcha.

Click "Suggest an expert" to add Expert.

Define Which Fields Appear in the Form

To define which fields should be mandatory simply navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Expert Directory → Settings, click on the Community Expert Labels and find a field you want to set. Check box on the right side and save changes.

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