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By clicking on Widgets under the appearance tab, users can add custom widgets. Once adding widgets, they will only show up on pages related to the plugin.

Tag Cloud

This widget displays a tag cloud of most used tags associated with locations. For example, here's a tag cloud displayed in the sidebar to the right of the map.


It's possible to customize the location of the tag cloud (sidebar or footer) and how many tags are included.

Locations Menu

Another option shows a map location menu in the sidebar or footer. For example, here is the menu in the right sidebar area.


This widget has no settings.

Related Locations

You can also show related locations in a widget in the sidebar or footer on the specific location page. Here are related locations in the sidebar of the location page:


You can specify how many related locations are displayed.

Search Bar

It enables search by address, ZIP code or text, along with filtering by categories. This is how it appears in the front-end:


The only setting of this plugin is the title.

Category Description Bar

Shows the description of the category currently active on that page. It also lists any files assigned to that category.


It doesn't have any settings.

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