CM User Submitted Posts - Editing What Appears in The Submission Form

User Submitted Posts - Setting the Submission Form

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You can edit the Submission form extensively.

Front-end Example

To edit the appearance of the form used to submit posts, click on Settings under the plugin tab. 

Then click on the Form Settings tab. 

Here you can alter many settings.

New Post Settings

  • New post status - Select post status for every new post added by users.
  • New post type - Select post type for every new post added by users.
  • New post template - Enter the template body of the new posts. You can use HTML.

Form Settings

  • Post featured image - Allow users to set post featured image. Check this option if you want to allow users to set post featured image.
  • Media in editor - Allow media attachments in posts. Check this option if you want to display Add Media button.
  • File extensions - Define which file extensions will be permitted when the user tries to upload them using the Add Media button. Limiting this to only essential types is a good safety practice.
    Use commas to separate the extensions. Example: jpg, jpeg, jpe,gif,png,bmp,doc,docx,xls.
  • Text editor - Show text editor tab. If not a simple textarea field will be shown without the ability to design the content. The text editor displayed is the TinyMCE default WP editor. Check this option if you want show Text editor tab.
  • Drag&Drop upload - Add the possibility to use drag and drop image upload. Check this option if you want to enable drag&drop images upload.
  • Post taxonomies - Select the taxonomies user can select once submitting the content. This will allow user to choose categories for the posted content. This feature also support custom taxonomies which are available for custom posts.
  • Exclude categories - If you would like certain categories to not be chose able, you can mark them here.
  • Post taxonomies multiple - Choose if it should be possible to choose multiple taxonomy terms or just one per taxonomy.
  • Excerpt - Allows the user to include a separate excerpt.
  • PeepSo Timeline Excerpt - Users can include specific text for the PeepSo timeline. This option only appear if the site uses PeepSo.

TIP: Adding ACF

You can add Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to the submission form. Learn more about it in this use case guide: CM User Submitted Posts - Use Case - How To Add Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Into the Submission Form

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