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What It Does?

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The Search and Replace plugin has the Replacement Toggle Widget.

The Replacement Toggle Widget allows users to temporarily disable the search and replace rules just for themselves. 

The change will happen only for the user who disabled them.

How to use it?

The Replacement Toggle Widget can be displayed in two ways:

  • With the shortcode
  • Automatically on top/bottom of each page (see: Settings)


You can use the shortcode to display the Widget in any place you want. This 

  • You can use the parameter session="1" to save it in the cookie (it will disable the search & replace until re-enabled)
Shortcode for displaying a replacement widget - Mass Replace Text in WordPress
Shortcode for displaying a replacement widget


If you want to display the Widget on all of the posts/pages you can do it from the Settings → Replacement Toggle Widget.

  • You can select both options if you like to display the widget twice.
  • The widget will be displayed above or below the content of the post.
    • It utilizes "the_content" filter, so make sure your template is using it!

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