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The WordPress Client Zone plugin creates a restricted area on your site to easily manage files between users. It is based on the Download and File Manager plugin, which comes bundled with the WordPress Client Zone.
With the WordPress Client Zone, site users can view, upload, or download files and administrators can monitor when files are added. This WordPress plugin makes it simple to manage clients on an exclusive dashboard and streamline things like document transfers, assignments for students and more.
From the user perspective it works as one to one system. Meaning that the user can only transfer files to the admin (there can be of course several users with admin power). From the admin side this system is one of many since he can upload and send file to many users or group of users at the same time.
The plugin notifies both admin and user when new files are uploaded to the customer’s dashboard. In addition, the plugin includes a detailed management console for the admin to see which users have uploaded files and when.

Use Cases

  • Exchange private files with customers and employees
  • Create a vault for users to exchange files
  • Build a box for users to drop files for the site manager to review
  • Allow site managers to share files with specific users

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