CM Client Download Zone - Transfer Files to Specific User Groups

How to Transfer Files to Specific User or Client Groups

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The CM Client Download Zone allows you to upload files to specific user groups. When the admin uploads a file, he/she can choose to restrict access to specific groups. The feature allows admin to exchange confidential information with selected subsets of your clients or users. 

There are two ways to assign a download to a specific user group:

  • From the admin dashboard, simply use the dropdown menu to send files to a specific user group.
  • From the Download Manager dashboard, click on "Add New". On the New Download form, change the visibility settings to specify the user groups you would like to transfer the download to. You can additionally select users from a list of all users or search for users.

After you upload the file, it will appear in the dashboard of the users who are  assigned to the selected group or groups! No other users will have access to the file.

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