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Setting Up Notifications

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The CM Client Download Zone plugin provides admins with the option to receive and/or send a notification every time a download is added. For example, the admin can also decide if the specified users and user groups who were sent the downloads will also receive an email notification.

New Download Notification

To adjust the notification settings, first navigate to the  Notifications tab under the plugins settings.

Under the  New Download section, the admin can create the email template for notifications about new downloads using our supported shortcodes.

Here are several examples of shortcodes that you can use to customize an email message’s content:

New Download Email Notification Shortcodes:

  • [blogname] - name of the blog
  • [title] - new download title
  • [link] - link to download page
  • [author] - uploader name

Here you can also find the option Hide recipient addresses - If the option is enabled, all recipient emails will be set within "Bcc:" field of message. "Cc:" field will contain site admin email address.

Who will Receive New Download Notifications?

Next, in the option Send additional email about granted access to, the admin can choose who will receive email notifications about new downloads. If the new download has access restricted to chosen groups, chosen users, or the download's category has restricted access to some groups, then you can notify these users about the new download.

  • Choose Groups' members if you want to notify the restricted groups members.
  • Choose Users assigned directly to notify users assigned directly to downloads.

Last option - Enable category following. If enabled, the "Follow" button will be added to each category and users will be able to follow new uploads and receive email notifications.

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