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Editing General Settings 

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To edit general settings of this plugin, go to settings under the plugin tab. 

Then click on the general settings tab.  


  • Display items on given post types - Choose which post types will display the recommended products widgets.
    The list includes both core post types, such as post and page, as well as custom post types managed by other plugins.
  • Only display items on single posts/pages - Disables the widget on the home page, author page and other taxonomy-related pages.
  • First occurrence only - Only takes into consideration the first time an item is found on each page.
  • Avoid parsing protected tags - Avoids the following tags: script, a, h1, h2, h3, pre, object.
    Learn more about HTML tags: HTML Reference
  • Terms are case-sensitive - Enable to differentiate cases.
    For example, "Tooltip Plugin" will be different than "tooltip plugin".
  • Add links to found items - Add or not links to the content when the product names appear.


    Example without and with links.
  • Collect statistics - Collect or not recommendations Name, Impressions, Clicks, Click Ratio and Date.
    Learn more: CM Contextual Product Recommendations (CMCPR) - How To - Collect and View Statistics
  • Disable the content search - Turn off the content search for keywords as instead we will use the product manually (so there will be no display of product per keywords)

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