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Adding A New Product 

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To add a new product to recommend, simply click on "Add New" under the plugin tab. 


  • You will be prompted to enter a Title. The title will be the keyword that is used in the post to signal a product to be recommended. 
  • The Description will appear under the title when the product is recommended. This is usually the name of the product. 
  • The URL is a link to the product. 
  • Weight determines how often the product is recommended. If you'd like to have certain products recommended more often than others, increase the weight of the product you'd like recommended more. 
    • Weight should be a numeric, positive value
    • Product with weight 100 will be 100 times more likely displayed than the product with weight 1.

3.) There is also a section on this page to add synonyms for your product. For example, if your title is "Ads," you might want to add "Advertisements" and "Advertising" to your synonyms. This way using any of these three words within the post will show the product recommendation that corresponds with "Ads." 

  • You also can categorize your product recommendations on this page. 
  • Click "add new category" to enter a new category. If you'd like, you can make the new category a sub-category of a larger parent category. For example, if you are writing a blog post about eye treatments and want to recommend a book about this topic, you could make eye treatment a sub-category of books. 

  • Lastly, you can add a featured image to your product recommendation. 
    • This image will be displayed in your post. 
    • To add featured image, click on "Set featured image" then select your file.
      • To achieve best looking results, try to add the images with the same/similar width/height ratio for all of the products

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