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Collecting and Viewing Statistics

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What is This Feature

It's possible to track the performance of each recommendation via useful graphs.

TIP: No Privacy Concerns

The plugin only collects data about Recommendations. No IP or other personal data is collected.

Turning Statistics Tracking On

Head to WP Admin → CM Contextual Product Recommendations → Settings → General tab.

Enable "Collect statistics".

Finding the Statistics Page

1) Daily Report

Shows all stats for all Recommendations by day

  1. Access this report
  2. Choose which dates will be searched
  3. Click to shows the report by relevant dates
  4. Empties the dates fields
  5. Choose how many entries appear on the page
  6. Search for specific entries
  7. List of Recommendations and their Impressions, Clicks, ClickRate (click/impression) and Date
    You can sort the data by each field by clicking the small arrows
  8. Navigate to other pages

2) Daily by Period

Shows the total stats for each Recommendation in a certain time period.

3) Access Log

Total number of requests (impressions of clicks)

  1. Optionally, filter by each Recommendation
  2. Check the total number of requests
  3. The graph shows Impressions in yellow and Clicks in light blue

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