CM Contextual Product Recommendations (CMCPR) - Add a Product Recommendation to a Post

Adding a Product Recommendation to a Post 

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  • After you have added products to your list, it's time to add a recommendation to a post/page
  • In your WordPress dashboard, for all of the post types you've chosen a new metabox will appear where you can customize CM Product Recommendations Options for that post/page

  • You can customize certain features of the product recommendation widget that appears in the post. 
    • You can change the amount of items displayed in a line
    • The amount of lines of products to display
    • Select to only show recommendations from one selected category (or all categories by default)

  • For example, here there are 3 items displayed in a line, with only 1 line. 

Placing the widget in the content

  • You can put the product recommendation widget in any part of the post. 
    • To do this, simply put [cm_product_recommend] in any part of the post. 
    • By default the CM Product Recommendation Widget will be displayed at the end of the post
    • If you want to display the widget in different place, or display more than on widget, you have to use the [cm_product_recommend] shortcode
      • In the example below, the widget is displayed in the middle of the post

Additional Information

  • Remember, a product will be recommended if you use the title word(s) or synonyms in the post, so make sure you use them. 
  • Each product will be displayed only once even if the multiple occurrences of the title/synonyms will be found in the content

More information about the CM Products Recommendation WordPress  Plugin

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