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Plugin Widget Settings

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What are This Settings

We'll learn how to change the visual of the widget. Below, example with the slider view:

TIP: These Settings Apply To All Widgets By Default

To create specific widgets, use the shortcode [cm_recommend]

Learn more: CM Contextual Product Recommendations (CMCPR) - Getting Started - How To Use The Plugin

Finding the Settings

To edit the default features of the product recommendations widget, go to the " Settings" page under the plugin tab. 

Edit the widget display by clicking on the widget tab. 


Widget display

  • Label that appears above the widget
  • Background color
  • Number of items and lines (only applies to the default template)


  • You can decide whether you want to open the link in a new tab or show the HTML title for the links. 

Title & Description

You can also choose:

  • Whether you'd like the title and/or description associated with the product displayed in the widget
  • The size and color of the title and/or description
  • The length of the description
  • The description style
  • The widget template (read more below)

Template: Default and Slider

In this screen, you can also choose the template: Default or Slider.

The slider can be navigated horizontally. If the slider view is chosen, you can edit:

  • Items limit - How many items in total will be in the slide
  • Slide width, px - The width is the horizontal dimension
  • Slides quantity - How many slides appear in the row

Example: Default vs Slider

Example 2: Slider Animation

Three items in the row, 250px

Example 3: Slider Animation With Bigger Images

Two items in the row, 400px

More information about the CM Products Recommendation WordPress  Plugin

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