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Navigate to the Admin Panel -> CM HelpScout Docs Portal -> Options.

Click on Plugin Options tab.

Follow the instructions to generate the API KEY, which is needed to run CM HelpScout Docs Portal.

After obtaining the key from HelpScout site pass it to the plugin settings.

Scroll down to the Plugin Setup.

  • Search box - Check the box provided to enable a search box to appear in each page showing the HelpScout documentation.
  • Search only - No results are displayed if search is not used. This option works only if search box is enabled.
  • Related articles - Check the box provided to enable a showing of related articles. Related articles will be show at the bottom of each article if they exist in the original document.
  • Article print button - Check the box provided  to enable adding a print option to the article. Print button will appear on the upper right corner.
  • Copy url button - Show copy url button with current plugin state encoded in url.
  • Max page size - Check a value for the maximum page size. When a category within a collection includes more than the set amount, pagination will be added.
  • Pagination on top - Check the box provided to show pagination on the top of the lists. As default pagination ill show only at the bottom of the article.
  • GET query var * - Used to make plugin links. Only letters and numbers are valid. Get query var mus be different to category_get_var_name, collection_get_var_name and article_get_var_name values.

Click on Save Changes button.

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