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Add New Message

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  • Navigate to the plugin on the dashboard.
  • Click on the plugin to activate the drop down menu. Then Select Add New Message.

  • At the top of the page, enter a title for the message in the box provided.
  • In the Message Content box, enter the content of the Message as well as any media, video, hyperlinks, etc.
    • All of the HTML valid for the post/page is also valid for the Message
  • Click Update to save the changes.

Setting 1) Accept Button Options

  • In the Message Options box, click on Accept Button. 
    • Check the boxes to enable the accept button on the message and enable an agree to terms button.
  •  If you agree to the terms, check the box. You will also be asked to add the text which will show up next to the agree option and the url to the full version of the terms.
    • You can also enable the option Prechecked, so when the pop-up with disclaimer appears, the terms accept checkbox will be already checked. Note: This feature was introduced in version 1.3.8.

Setting 2) Decline Button Options

  • In the Message Options box, click on the Decline Button. 
    • Check the box to enable a decline button below your message.
  • If you select the checkbox new options will appear:
    • Button label - allows to change the label of the Decline button
    • Button redirect - the URL where the user is being redirected after clicking the Decline
  • If you click on the decline button a URL box will appear which will let you add the URL, to which the users will be redirected once clicking the decline button.

Setting 3) Display Options Settings

  • In the Message Options box, click on Display Options. 

    Enter values in the provided box to choose the width, height and background color of the message. There are fields for both general and mobile devices. You can choose pixels or percentage options for your values.

  • Also, choose from the drop down menu to select the shape of the message. The options are:
    • Rounded Edges
    • Sharp Edges

Setting 4) Advanced Visual Settings

  • In the Message Options box, click on Advanced Visual. 
  • Show effect - Choose from the drop down menus to select the types of display effects and show intervals for the message. 
  • Delay to show - Enter a value in the box to set a time for how long the message displays.
  • Show Interval - Choose how often the message will be shown. The options are:
    • Every Time Page Loads
    • Only First Time Page Loads
    • Only Once On Any Page
    • Trigger Only
    • Until Accepted
  • Repeat disclaimer every [days] - The user will have to accept the disclaimer again after the chosen period of days. Set "0" to disable this feature and never repeat the disclaimer.
    Note that this option is not available if the Show Interval is "Every Time Page Loads".
  • Statistics clicks counting method - Choose from the drop down menu to select the underlay type for the message. Choose a box for the click counting method. This is an important aspect of how the statistics are being counted.
  • Disable option to close message window close option - Select this option if you want to prevent users from being able to close the welcome or disclaimer without accepting or declining the terms.

Setting 5) Activity Settings

  • In the Message Options box, click on Activity. Check the boxes to enable the message on every page including the homepage. Enter a value in the box to set the minimum width of the message displayed.
  • URL Pattern - If you haven't selected to show the message on every page, you can define a pattern in which this message will appear. It can be a category or a permalink path -  for example your blog articles /blog/. This will cover all URL with the following pattern /blog/*
  • Selected Posts - Choose from the drop down menu to enable the message on specific posts or pages, or add a page. You can select multiple pages and add them one after the other using the +Add Page button.
  • Activity Dates - Click on the blue plus button to set an activity date for the message. This will determine if the message will show up only on specific dates. You can define multiple date range including exact time per each.

  • Click the Update button to save changes.

Front-End Look and Feel

Here is an example of how the Disclaimer pop up might look.

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