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General Settings

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Navigate to Admin Panel → CM Welcome Message & Disclaimer for WordPress → Settings.

Click on the plugin to activate the drop down menu, and select Settings. Navigate to the General tab.

  • Choose if you want to collect statistics or not.
  • Select post types where Welcome Message and Disclaimer should be displayed.
  • Padding for the message boxes - will determine the inside space between the text and the popup borders.
  • Accept button
    • Background color
    • Font color
    • Font size
  • Decline button
    • Background color
    • font color
    • font size
  • Geolocation API Key -  will be used for the plugin log file. If it is not present the log file will not include the country name
  • Max width for mobile devices - Helps with responsive layout
  • Enable popup box before posting - If enable, then popup box will auto open before posting. This feature implement with PeepSo, PeepSo Core: Chat and wpForo Forum.
    Note: the option Enable popup box before posting is not supported since the plugin version 1.3.9.
  • Click the blue Update button to save the changes.


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