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General Settings

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Navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Welcome Message & Disclaimer for WordPress → Settings.

Click on the plugin to activate the drop down menu, and select Settings. Navigate to the General tab.

General Options

  • Collect Statistics - Choose if you want to collect statistics or not.
  • Enable watching DB? - Turn DB watching for popup (views/clicks) ON/OFF.
  • Custom Post Types - Select post types where Welcome Message and Disclaimer should be displayed.
  • Message modal padding - Will determine the inside space between the text and the popup borders.
  • Message modal padding - Choose in a dropdown the order of Accept and Decline buttons in the modal window.
  • Accept button - Configure the following parameters for the Accept button:
    • Background color
    • Font color
    • Font size
  • Decline button - Configure the following parameters for the Decline button:
    • Background color
    • Font color
    • Font size
  • Geolocation API Key -  will be used for the plugin log file. If it is not present the log file will not include the country name.
  • Select max width for mobile devices - Helps with responsive layout.
  • Enable popup box before posting - If enable, then popup box will auto open before posting. This feature implement with PeepSo, PeepSo Core: Chat and wpForo Forum.
    Note: the option Enable popup box before posting is not supported since the plugin version 1.3.9.
  • Open blank window - If enabled, then blank window will open after clicking on the Decline button. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.4.2.
    Note: To make this option work, make sure that when you create or edit welcome message or disclaimer, the Button redirect field in the Decline Button section must be empty. Otherwise, the option Open blank window will not work.

Search Engines

Note: this section with new features was introduced in version 1.4.2.

  • Disable popup for search engine's crawlers - If enabled, the popup window will be disabled for search engine's crawlers.
  • Search engines User-Agent list - You can specify the User-Agent strings (case-insensitive regular expressions) separated with new lines to recognize the search engine's crawlers for the option above.

Click the blue Update button to save the changes.


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