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Creating Forms

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To enable site visitors to add their bookings to the Calendar without the site admin having to do it manually you must create Booking Forms. Each booking form is directly related to one Calendar.

To create a form navigate to CM Appointments Booking Pro → Forms.

Then select the calendar for which you want to build or edit the form for.

Click on the desired field on the left and a few moments later it will appear in the draft form on the right.

To rearrange form items they can be dragged and dropped into whichever order is needed.

Each field can be marked as Required so that users cannot send the form without completing them. Fields can be given a placeholder Default Value. Files can also have short Description added to help customers progress through the form.

For some fields such as Email, phone number email etc it may be helpful to add validation to ensure that the required information has been added properly.

You can also use radio buttons, checkbox and select box as part of the form.

Once saved, the form will appear in the front-end view when the user tries to book an appointment.


Form information is saved in the appointment post which is accessible from the booking dashboard. It is also represented in the placeholder {booking-form} which can be added to any email notification sent.

Notice: the name and the email fields in the form are mandatory and cannot be removed from the form

TIP: Obligatory Terms and Conditions Field

This is a good opportunity to add terms and conditions information to a required field.

Back-end and Front-end example


Adding ReCaptcha

if you want to reduce potential automatic spam request you should add a reCaptcha keys in the plugin general setting. Once added, all forms for all calendars will have reCaptcha at the bottom of the form

More information about the Appointments Booking Plugin

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