CM Email Registration Blacklist (CMRB) - General Settings (Selecting Lists)

General Settings

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Navigate to Admin Panel → CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist.

 Click on the  General Settings tab.

 In the General Options box, click the circle to mark yes or no for the questions listed.

In this section, you can select which what lists will affect the plugin. You can enable or disable these:

General (Affects all)

  • Domain White List - Protects emails from the White List from being blocked.
  • Accept domains only from White List - Self-explanatory.
  • Domain Black List - Blocks emails from the Black List.

User Lists (From the plugin)

  • User E-mail White List - Includes the emails from the plugin's White List. Read more.
  • User E-Mail Black List - Includes the emails from the plugin's Black List. Read more.
  • Accept emails only from white list - Self-explanatory.

Online Lists

  • DNSBL Domain Check - Read notes below.
  • Free Domain List - Fetches list of spam addresses from Spam Assassin. Read more. Learn more about Spam Assassin


  • Enable for edit profile - Applies filters when the user updates the email from the edit profile section. This prevents users from updating their emails to blocked ones.
    Currently only works on:
  • Show Powered by CreativeMinds - Show or hide "Powered by CreativeMinds" in the registration screen.
  • Remove HTML tags from error messages - Removes any tags (such as links or formatting) from error messages 
  • Google reCAPTCHA - Enables verification via reCAPTCHA. Learn more: General Support - reCAPTCHA - What is It and How to Enable.


DNSBL Information provides a single place where you can check that blacklist status of your mail server's IP address on more than 100 DNS based blacklists. 

To start just go to their page, enter the IP address of your mail server above and press the " CHECK THIS IP" button.

This is an additional filter you can add on top of all the existing filters to prevent domains registration to your site. it does not replace the Free Domains list but can come in addition to it based on the general setting you define for your domain registration behavior.

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