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Creating categories

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To create categories navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Answers Pro → Categories.

Add New Category

On the left half of the page there is a form for adding new category.

The options are:

  • Name - The name is how a category appears on your site.
  • Slug - The “slug” is the URL-friendly version of the name. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens. You can write your own slug or leave this field empty and the slug will be generated automatically from the category name.
  • Parent CMA Category - Assign a parent term to create a hierarchy. The term Jazz, for example, would be the parent of Bebop and Big Band.
  • Description - Description of a category. It is not prominent by default; however, some themes may show it.
  • Restrict access to chosen roles - Choose user roles which will have access to the category. If no roles selected, then every user can view it.
  • Select experts - Choose users that will be experts of that category. Experts will receive notifications about new questions.
  • Custom fields for new questions - Define additional fields which will be available to fill out on the question form and displayed on the thread page. Learn more about this option: CM Answers (CMA) - Extras - Custom Fields Per Category
  • Use global settings for access control - Choose Yes to follow global settings for access control. Choose No to override global settings and redefine the access for this category. The options are:
    • Who can view questions - Choose between Everyone, Logged in users and By role.
    • Who can view answers - Choose between EveryoneLogged in usersBy role and Asker + displaying own answers.
    • Who can post questions - Choose between Logged in users and By role.
    • Who can post answers - Choose between Logged in usersBy role and Experts.

      Note: This feature was added in version 4.6.2.

At the and click the button Add New CMA Category.

List of Categories

When the category is created, you can find it in the list on the right half of the page:

In that table you can see the following information about every category:

  • Name 
  • Description
  • Slug
  • Count (it shows how many questions belong to that category)

By hovering on any category you can do the following:

  • Edit
  • Quick Edit
  • Delete
  • View

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