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Canceling an Appointment

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What is This Feature

The plugin includes the ability for users cancel an appointment.


The process is:

  1. User makes an appointment and receives a confirmation email with a link to the discussion form
  2. In the discussion form, the user clicks the Cancel Booking button
  3. User receives an email to confirmation cancelation. On it, there is a cancel link
  4. User follows the cancel link and confirms cancelation
  5. User receives another email confirming the booking was canceled


Email Template

There are two email templates related to canceling the booking:

  • After User Have Canceled The Booking — User Notification
  • Discussion User Canceled the Booking — User Notification

Learn more: Appointments Booking - Appointments - Email Notifications To User and Admin


It's possible to change the button label from the Label settings. Learn more about labels: Appointments Booking - Settings - Labels (Changing The Front-End Text)

More information about the Appointments Booking Plugin

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