WordPress File Manager Plugin (CMDM) - Advanced - Creating New Downloads From Uploaded Files

Creating New Downloads From Uploaded Files (Advanced)

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What is This Feature

You can make it so that every file uploaded in WordPress becomes a download managed by WordPress File Manager plugin.

This process is intended for developers.


This feature requires you to develop a file upload function. All that's necessary is to pass the file name to the hook.

Example Filter

$new_download = apply_filters('cmdm_custom_file_to_download', $new_download, $file_data);
$new_download - url to or ID of new created download item
$file_data - array of file data to be processed by CMDM plugin, its structure:
$file_data = array(
	'file_path' => 'path to origin file including file name and extension',
	'title'     => 'title of new created download',
	'user'      => get_current_user_id(), // author ID
	'result'    => 'permalink', // may have 2 options
'permalink' - output will be link to new download
'id' - output will be post id of new download 
	'category'  => 'category name'

Default Values

  • 'title' - file name
  • 'user' - current user ID
  • 'result' - 'permalink'
  • 'category' => NULL // no category

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