CM Curated RSS Aggregator (CMCRA) - Free Version Tutorial

CM Curated RSS Aggregator Free Version Tutorial

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This article covers only features present in the free version of Curated RSS Aggregator.

It shows you how to create a directory of RSS items updated automatically.


Table of Contents

  1. Installation guide
  2. List of Features
  3. Using the Plugin - Overview
  4. Plugin Settings

Installation guide

Here are the steps needed to install the plugin:

  1. Download - To manually install the plugin, you must first download it from CreativeMinds to your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins tab in the WordPress Admin Panel to install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin. 

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List of Features

Free Edition Pro Edition
Single list with multiple feeds Multiple lists with multiple feeds categories
Categories can have any number of links Categories have colors and can have any number of links
Display list on any page or post via single shortcode Display combined lists on any page or post via customizable shortcode
Feeds are updated every 3 hours Choose how often each category should be updated   
All latest links are imported Only import items that follow positive and negative words. Also, manually delete items
- Users can filter list via tags, category and text search
Choose number of columns Change columns, tooltip colors, add wide thumbnails, and more
Every user sees the same list Each user can record their unique filters
Order by publish date Automatic or manual ordering
No support Plugin can be used forever; one year support and updates

Using the Free Plugin - Overview

How It Works: Categories and Links

The free plugin has a single list with multiple categories. 

Each category can have multiple RSS feeds and shows the latest links of that feeds

Front-end Example: Categories (1) have multiple RSS Feeds and the plugin shows their latest links (2)

Content Example

Category Feeds Links

Admin - Adding and Managing Categories

This is probably the most important part of the plugin. Each category holds any number of feeds. The list will then display the feed items organized by categories.

You can add and manage categories from the back-end. Head to  Admin Dashboard → CM RSS Aggregator Free → Categories.

To the left, is the space to add categories; to the right, to manage them.

Category Fields

  • Name - The name is how it appears on your site.
  • Parent - Choose if the category should have a parent.
  • Description - Write a category description.
  • Feed URLs - You can add multiple feeds, each on a new line. Make sure each feed URL has an http:// or https:// in the beginning.
  • Feed name - Used to display the source
  • Feed entries presentation duration - Feed entries older than the selected period of time will be deleted.
    Choose between: Never, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month and 3 months.
  • Always refresh links before fetching - Only the items in the feed will be displayed.
  • Favicons before links - Choose between show or hide. Global setting will mean show.
  • User Agent - Choose between WordPress, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nexus 7, Chromecast, Edge on Windows, Chrome on Windows, Firefox on Windows, Safari on Mac OS X, Chrome on Mac OS X and Firefox on Linux.

Adding List to The Site

Use the shortcode [cm_rss_aggregator] to add the list of feeds anywhere on your site. The shortcode has no parameters.

TIP: Manually Refreshing Feeds

The free plugin checks the feeds for new items every 3 hours. However, you can manually check feeds to populate lists too. There are two ways:

1) Quick edit option Refresh All RSS Links

Click on this option while hovering the mouse on a category

2) Plugin Diagnostics tab

The rightmost tab allows you to choose one feed and force processing as well.

All settings are located at the  WP Admin → Curated RSS Aggregator Free → Options → Plugin Options tab.

  • Number of columns - How many columns your list will have.

    Example: 2 Column vs 3 Columns

  • Max number of links - Each category will have this maximum number of links
  • No follow - Makes all links "nofollow", meaning search engines should not "share" your SEO ranging with the ongoing site. More information from Wikipedia.
  • Open in a new window or tab - Forces the browser to open links in a new tab or window.
  • Show tooltips - Display link content excerpt on hover

  • Show dates - Display date or not

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