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Adding an Image and Video to a Review

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What is This Feature

It's possible to let the user add an image and embed video to his review.

Frontend Example

Image in Review

Video in Review

Admin View

The admin can also view both image and video from the dashboard.

Settings - Enabling Options in the Review Form

To let users add an image and/or video, head to CM Reviews → Settings → Review Form tab

The relevant options are:

  • Enable image - Adds the option to add an image.
  • Include a video - Adds the option to add a video.

Review Form Example


You can change the labels of these options in the form from the Labels settings

There are three relevant labels:

Changing Image and Video Display

You can display or hide image and video and also configure their width.

To do so, head to Settings → Reviews tab.



  • Display video - Show or hide
  • Video width - Add the number. Set in pixels 

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