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Compatibility With The W3 Total Cache Plugin - Troubleshooting

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If you are facing issues when combining W3TC and CM Plugins, try tuning down or disabling altogether:

  1. Minification
  2. CDN


W3 Total Cache is a popular performance-enhancement WordPress plugin. It acts on core WP features, which might impair the experience of other WordPress plugins.

This article covers reported issues caused in content related to plugins from CreativeMinds and our recommended actions.

Issues have been reported in Download Manager and Table of Contents.

What Can Happen?

Depending on the level of caching enabled, pages might present bugs or break altogether.

Recommended Actions

Test 1) Disable W3TC

As a first measure, disable the W3TC to ensure it's the one causing conflict. 

If deactivating the plugin solves the issue, activate it again and continue to the next step.

Test 2) Tune Down Minification Settings

Head to WP Admin → Performance → General Settings.

  1. Set Minify mode to "Manual" and check the problematic page again.
  2. If the problem persists, turn Minify off.

As a next measure, go to Performance → MinifyTry disabling HTML, CSS and JS minifications.

Learn more:

Test 3) Disable CDN Settings

Under CDN, uncheck the Enable option to turn it off.

Learn more

If The Problem Persists

Disabling CDN and Minification should solve most of the problems.

If you still are facing issues, you can try debugging the site and contact support.

TIP: Debugging in W3 Total Cache

To enable the debug mode in W3TC:

  • Navigate to Performance → General Settings. Under the the Debug section, select Minify and CDN.

Learn more: Enabling W3 Total Cache Debug to Troubleshoot Your WordPress Caching Configuration

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