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Adding Polygons to Map

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What is This Feature

It's possible to add polygons to your maps in three shapes: lines, rectangle and circle. You can also change visual aspects such as stroke color and opacity. This feature was added in version 2.4.8.

The visitors of your site will be able to see the polygons and your location will be at the center. This is a great way to mark places such as parks, monuments, neighbourhoods and much more.


Enabling/Disabling Polygons

Enabling When Editing

To allow polygons while editing a location, mark "Shape Tool" as visible in the Location Form settings.

Showing/Hiding Polygons To Users

To show or hide polygon, head to the Location page settings:

  • Show shape on the location's page - Shows the polygon
  • Shows tooltip on shape - Triggers the tooltip with information about the location also on the shape area

Adding Polygons To Location

Now they should be available while editing the location.

General Use

Simply click in one of the buttons and draw the polygon. It's only possible to draw one polygon per location.

  • Hand icon - Uses the mouse to drag the map (doesn't draw anything)
  • Line icon - Each mouse click becomes a line, that should complete a polygon
  • Circle icon - Clicking the mouse will start drawing the circle with the mouse pointer as the center
  • Rectangle icon - icking the mouse will start drawing the rectangle with the mouse pointer as the center
  • Trash bin icon - Deletes the polygon

Changing Look of Polygon

By default, the polygon has these colors: 

To change them, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → CM Map Locations → Settings.

The settings are in the Dashboard tab, under the Shape section. 

  • Fill color - Color inside the polygon
  • Fill opacity - How opaque is the shape. 0 means transparent; 1 means completely opaque
  • Stroke color - Color of the stroke surrounding the shape 
  • Stroke weight - How thick is the stroke

TIP: Allow Unique Polygon Look Per Location

Mark the last option "Override appearance with each location" to let editors define unique shape colors when editing!

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