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Adding Locations From External Services (REST API)

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What is This Feature

It's possible to add locations to your website from external services.


You can build an app with the button "Create Location". When clicked, it generates a location based on the user's GPS information.

This feature was introduced in version 2.4.0. 

How To Use This Feature

Using the feature is simple:

  1. Adjust the settings (read more below)
  2. Create or generate a key
  3. Customize the URL, including the key
  4. Add the URL to your app

Customizing URL

The URL you will add is structured like this:

http://your-site.com/wp-json/cmloc/v1/add_location?description=yourdescription&name=your location name&LocCAT=category&LocLAT=50.401699&LocLONG=30.252512&key=abc123 

The underlined green elements above can be customized. 

  • description
  • name
  • LocCAT
  • LocLONG
  • images (encode the images URL with base64. Example online tool)
  • loc-address
  • loc-postal-code
  • loc-phone-number
  • loc-email
  • loc-website
  • loc-email
  • loc-url
  • key - has to match the key set in the plugin's settings:

Example with all attributes

https://example.org/wp-json/cmloc/v1/add_location?description= Nice view&name= Mount Everest&LocCAT= Mountain&LocLAT= 50.401699&LocLONG= 30.252512&images= HR0cHM6Ly93d3cuY21pbmRzLmNvbS93cC1jb250ZW50L3RoZW1lcy9EaXZpL2hvbWVw
&loc-address= 5th Street 29A&loc-postal-code= 012345&loc-phone-number= 11222333&loc-email= admin@route.com&loc-website= example.com/&key= 6240e806-3001-4164-81

Plugin Settings

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Route Manager  Settings. Click on the Setup tab.

All settings are located under the Location REST API section.

  • Enable REST API - Enable this feature
  • API key for adding location via REST API - Create your own key or click the button to generate a random one. This field is obligatory. 
  • Enter the IP from which you can connect - Leaving it empty allows connections from any IP - this might not be secure!
    To add multiple IPs, separate them with commas. For example:,, etc.
  • Create category if it doesn't exist - Enabled to let the plugin create the category if it doesn't exist
  • Don't add locations with the same name - Enable to prevent the plugin from creating locations with repeated names

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