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Changing Map Theme

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Available Themes

There are six themes in the WordPress Interactive Map plugin to choose from:

1) Standard

Standard map theme - Google Maps WordPress Plugin
Standard map theme

2) Silver

Silver map theme - Maps Plugin
Silver map theme

3) Retro

Retro map theme - Store Locator WordPress Plugin
Retro map theme

4) Dark

Dark map theme - Maps WordPress Plugin
Dark map theme

5) Night

Night map theme - WordPress Interactive Map Plugin
Night map theme

6) Aubergine

Aubergine map theme - Google Maps WordPress Plugin
Aubergine map theme

Finding Settings

Navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Locations Pro  Settings. Then click on the General tab.

General plugin settings - Maps Plugin
General plugin settings

You will find the selector under Map.

Choosing a map theme - Store Locator WordPress Plugin
Choosing a map theme

More information about the WordPress Interactive Map Plugin

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