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General Settings

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Note: The plugin CM Course Catalog has different set of options depending on the plugin edition: Essential / Ultimate Editions or Enterprise Edition. The appearance of a student dashboard can also be different.

What This Add-on Does

The Course Catalog Dashboard (Learning Management System) WordPress add-on allows you to display courses, participants, and registrations in an easily customizable catalog format in the Backend.

Course Catalog Dashboard

Once you install the base CM Course Catalog Pro plugin and the Course Catalog Dashboard add-on, the catalog page dashboard appears automatically in a separate section in the Backend. 

To find the general settings, please head to Admin Dashboard → CM Course Catalog Pro → Settings → Student Dashboard tab.


  • Hide expired periods - Show or hide the course expiration dates.


Note: this section is available in the Enterprise Edition only.

  • Course Information - Subject of the email allowing to send email to all course students.
  • Multi users email template - Email template for the message that can be sent to all the students from the Dashboard. Accepts the following placeholder: [message]
  • All Purchases Email Subject - Subject of the email allowing to send all purchases list to the user.
  • All Purchases Email template - Email template for the message that can be sent from the Dashboard, containing all purchases. Accepts the following placeholders: [message][purchases]


TIP: Pagination, Interface and Performance

These options limit how many items appear on each page. Limiting the number might ease navigation and loading times.

  • Students per page - Number of students shown in the Dashboard.
  • Courses per page - Number of courses shown in the Dashboard.
  • Registrations per page - Number of registrations shown in the Dashboard.

Student Dashboard

  • Allow students to unregister - Let users unsubscribe from the registered courses.
  • Student Dashboard tabs - Click the link +Add tab to create custom tabs for the Dashboard. 
    Drag and drop the tabs to define their positions.

Learn more about How To Build Student Dashboard.

Manual Purchases

  • Payment Methods - Click on the link +Add Tab to create custom payment methods. Fill in the tabs with the Method Key and Method.
    You can also drag and drop the tabs to define their positions.

    These payment methods are displayed in the admin dashboard when updating the information about students:

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