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This troubleshooting guide applies to both RSS Post Importer and RSS Aggregator.

No image is shown

By default, WordPress doesn't include the Featured Images in the RSS posts. 

If you want to include the featured images in the RSS, you'll need to download and install an external plugin. We suggest downloading a plugin called "Featured Image", available from wordpress.org. You need to download and activate the plugin on the page where the RSS feed is generated (where the post being imported).

After downloading, installing and activating the Featured Image plugin, you can change its settings:
HINT: You may want for instance to set the size of the feed images to "Full size" so the original size image is imported.

After clicking "Save Changes" it should already start adding the images to your feeds. You can go back to the site where you've installed the RSS Importer and try to reimport the feed.

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