General Support - Translating the Text Users See to Multiple Languages (WPML, External Plugins)

Translating the Text Users See to Multiple Languages (External Plugins)

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Methods of Translation

Labels - Simple method, translates from English to another language from the plugin's settings

po/mo files - Advanced method. Present in CM Answers (CMA) and CM Downloads Manager (CMDM)

External Plugins - Advanced method. Uses third-party plugins to achieve multiple translations

When is This Useful

If the default labels settings are not sufficient for your use case, it's possible to achieve more complex setups by using third-party plugins.

This guide will cover some options and considers you have them installed and activated. Note that the steps steps depend on other plugins, so the process might change at any time. If this guide is out of date, please contact us.

WPML (WordPress MultiLingual) String Translation

Only two CreativeMinds plugin have support to WPML (WordPress MultiLingual). Read more in the specific guides:

Technical Requirements

In order for these methods to work, the CreativeMinds plugin must be set up in such a way that labels are stored in the wp_options table or wrapped with the _() or e() functions at some point.

Most of our plugins follow both requirements. If that is not the case with the one you are working with, contact us.

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