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What Are These Settings

The Course Catalog settings change many aspects of catalog. 

For settings directly related to visuals, check Settings - Catalog Appearance (Choose View, Hide Elements).


To edit the general settings, head to Admin Dashboard → Settings → Course Catalog tab.

Course Index Header

The options are:

  • Course Index Page ID - Select the ID of the page with the [cmcc_course] shortcode. All backlinks will be pointing to that page. 
    • Generate Index page - Click on this button to automatically create and select the index page. Note: this option is available only in the Enterprise Edition of CM Course Catalog since the version 1.4.0.
  • Course order by - Choose from the drop down menu to select how the course page should be ordered in the catalog. The options are:
    • Menu Order (from the Back-End
    • Course Name
    • Date Added
    • Last Edited
  • Order in ascending or descending order - Choose between Descending or Ascending.
  • Number of courses on page - Set the number of items on a single directory page. Use -1 to turn off the pagination.
  • Show pagination on top - Display or hide the pagination at the top of the catalog.
  • Show pagination on bottom - Display or hide the pagination at the bottom of the catalog.
  • Show the number of courses found - Display or hide the number of the courses found should be displayed.
  • Show items per page selection - Display or hide the categories. Dropdown means that a dropbox will be show and the user will be able to filter categories by the selected one.
  • Open each Course Page (or Course Web Page) in a new tab - Opens both in a new tab? In technical terms, it adds the target="_blank" attribute to links.
  • Link to Course Web Page instead of Business Page - Use or not the Course Web URL as Course link on the Catalog.
  • Only show items on search? - Display items only after the user searches for them.

Course Image

Front-End Images

Catalog with two courses displaying a placeholder image

The options are:

  • Show or not images - Show or not on each view:
    • Course Catalog view - In this case, the image applies to the course list only
    • Tiles view
    • List View
  • Course placeholder image - If the course doesn't have a featured image, the plugin will show the one here instead. Don't leave it empty.

Select Filters

Since the version 1.4.0, you can choose the type of the filter in the option Select the filter type

You can choose between:

  • Normal Filter - You can configure this filter in the section below.
  • Taxonomy Filter - This filter displays category and taxonomies filters (the ones that are enabled, learn more). The user will be able to make multiple choice in the dropdowns, and the filter will search for any result that is related to at least one of the chosen taxonomies or category. You can edit the placeholders of these dropdowns in the Labels section.

Normal Filter Options

Front-End Filters

Choose which filters are available and how they should be displayed. The options are:

  • Filter Buttons Position - Choose the position of the filter buttons - on the right or below the filters. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.3.5.
  • Show search field - Enable or disable the search field.
  • Search Fields - Select the fields which should be searched on the index page from search input. Just drag and drop needed or not needed fields between columns Selected fields and Unselected fields. Note: this feature is available only in the Enterprise Edition of CM Course Catalog since the version 1.4.0.
  • Search In Tags - Include tags in the search
  • Show or hide the following filters:
    • Categories
    • Subcategories in categories
    • Custom taxonomies 
    • Tags
  • Display taxonomy as - Choose how to display taxonomies as dropdown or tags.
  • Show Filter Reset Button - Choose if to display the Reset button for filters. Note: this option was introduced in version 1.3.5.

Last 4 options are available only if the plugin CM Expert Directory is installed and activated:

  • Display box to search by lecturer - Set this option if you want to display the field to search courses by their lecturer.
  • Display box to search by start month - Set this option if you want to display the field to search courses by start month.
  • Display box to search by course type - Set this option if you want to display the field to search courses by course type.
  • Display box to search by location - Set this option if you want to display the field to search courses by their location.

Learn more: Course Catalog - Integration - CM Expert Directory (Mark Expert as Lecturer)

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