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Settings - Catalog Appearance

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To edit visual settings of the Catalog, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Course Catalog Pro → Settings → Catalog Appearance tab.

The settings are:

Choose View

Learn More About Switching Between Views

How To - Change the Catalog View (Tiles, List...)

Choose between:

A) Course Catalog View

This view has two levels. First categories - and, when clicking on one, courses for that category.


B) Tiles View

C) List View

1) Course Catalog View Settings

  • Display empty categories - Display or hide empty categories.
  • Display rating - Display or hide ratings
  • Display course description - Display or hide the course description below its title
  • Display course categories - Display or hide each course categories below its title
  • Show details button - Display or hide the "Details" button in the course box
  • Choose the default category image - Add a default custom image to the course

2) Tiles View Settings

Currently, it's only possible to set the number of courses per row in this view.

  • Courses in a row - Set the number of courses shown in each row of the directory index. The default is 3
  • Courses paddings - Set a padding value (space around the image). Accepts px/pt/em/% units (e.g. "0.5em")
  • Image container minimum height - If you use small images, set a minimum height value to display image in the middle of the container. Accepts px/pt/em/% units (e.g. "220px")
  • Display title - Display or hide the course title below its image
  • Display border - Display or not a border around each course
  • Show details button -  Display or hide the "Details" button in the course box

3) List View Settings

  • Display alphabetical index - Display or hide an alphabetical index on the top
  • Display separator line - Apply or not a separation line below each course.
  • Display rating - Display or not the rating for each course
  • Display short description - Display or not the description for each course

4) Category List

  • Display Category terms list - Show a category terms list
  • Display subcategories in Category terms list - Display or hide subcategories
  • Display Custom Taxonomy terms list - Display or hide custom taxonomy terms list
  • Display Tag terms list - Display or hide tag terms list
  • Display the category icon in the categories list - Display or hide the category icon in the categories list
  • Change default category icon - Upload a default custom category icon

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