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Customizing Email Notifications

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What is This Feature

The base plugin has email notifications based on certain events - Learn more.

With the add-on, you can choose to customize the content of a few email notifications.

Making the Changes

Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Appointments Booking Pro → Options.

Then, click on Events Email Templates.

From this screen you can customize the email templates susing placeholders, just like the base plugin.

Note that each email message has the option Override booking email template. If you don't want custom messages, leave it disabled and the plugin will send the same message in the case of bookings and events.

The following email templates are available:

  • New Event Booking - User Notification - The user receives this email when it is hold for admin moderation.
  • Event Booking Accepted - User Notification - The user receives this email when his booking request is accepted.
  • New Event Booking - Admin Notification - The admin receives this email, when some user booked an event and waits for approval. Note: this email template was introduced in version 1.0.8.

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