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Creating an Event

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What is an Event

Events are special bookings with spots and rich descriptions.

All events must be part of an existing calendar. If an event and a booking happen at the same time, the event will have priority on the calendar display.

Where to Begin

Creating an event is easy. Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Appointments Booking Pro → Events.

This is the screen where you can manage all your events. Click Add Event.

Event Details

For every event, you can customize:

  • Event Title - The name of the event. For instance, "Company Party".
  • Calendar - Every event must be assigned to a calendar. Remember how to create a calendar.
  • Date time - Type or select the start and end times.
  • Available Seats - Write down the number of spots for this event. Click "No limit" to make to remove the limit.
  • Description - You can use HTML formatting to craft beautiful descriptions.
  • When a user clicks on this event - Choose if clicking the event on the calendar will open the information on the same page or on a new tab/page.

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