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Exporting User Data

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The Export Page

The interface of the Export User Data WordPress plugin is simple. You can access it by heading to Admin Dashboard → CM Export User Data → CM Export User.

It has a series of options that define which and data will be exported. You will find the Run Export button at the end.

1) Choose The Fields To Export

Among the four first options, you can choose what data will be included in the export.

  • (A) Include Standard User Fields - Involves standard WordPress profile fields (user_login, user_nicename, user_email, user_url, user_registered, user_status, display_name).
  • (B) Include User Role - Add or remove the user role field from the export.
  • (D) User Meta Fields - Choose which meta fields will be included in the export.
    You can hide/display some of these keys in the General Settings, including fields from EDD and WooCommerce: (purchase_value, purchase_count, payment_ids) and WooCommerce (WC purchase total)

    Read the specific guide: Export User Data - Settings - General

2) Filter The Data

  • (C) Filter by Roles - Choose which user roles will have their data exported. 
  • (E) Registration Date Range - If you would like to include only users that registered during a certain timeframe, you can pick two dates (start and end date). Leave the fields empty to not filter by this date.
  • (F) User Limit Range 
    • Skip first X - If you would like to skip the first results, you can define it here. For instance, offset "5" will skip the first 5.
    • No. of entries - If you would like to limit the total number of users included in the report, you can define it here.

3) Choose The Format

4) Save Preset

  • (H) If you would like to save these configurations, you can use the "Export Preset" option.

5) Export The Data

Click Run Export to generate the export file.

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