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You can change the text of the export page via the Labels settings.

Finding The Settings

To edit these, head to Admin Dashboard → Export User Data → Settings → Labels tab.


These are the available labels:

  • Common
  • Included User Roles
  • Display the User Role (such as Subscriber or Admin) of each user in export file
  • Include Default User Fields
  • No
  • Yes
  • Include default user Meta Fields:
  • user_nicename, user_login, user_email, user_url, user_registered, user_status, display_name
  • All roles
  • Export data only from users of the selected roles
  • Users Meta Fields
  • Select the Meta Fields to export
  • Registration Date Range
  • Enter an offset start number (skip first x entries) and a total number of rows to export
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Run Export
  • Limit Number of Users
  • Skip first X
  • No. of entries
  • Save profile
  • Load
  • Delete
  • Save, load or delete your stored export profiles

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