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You can change the text of the export page via the Labels settings.

Finding The Settings

To edit these, head to Admin Dashboard → Export User Data → Settings → Labels tab.


These are the available labels:


standard_user_fields Include Standard User Fields
include_standard_user Include standard user profile fields, such as
user_roles Include User Role
include_all_the_users Include user role name field such as
user_meta_fields User Meta Fields
select Select
all All
none None
select_user_meta_keys Select the user meta keys to export, use the filters to simplify the list.
role Filter By Roles
all_roles All roles select default value
filter_the_exported_users Filter the exported users by a WordPress Role.
roles Roles
registered Registration Date Range
start_and_end_user_registration_date Pick a start and end user registration date to limit the results.
limit_range Limit Range
offset Offset
total Total
offset_start_number Enter an offset start number (skip first x entries) and a total number of users to export.
format Format
excel Excel
csv CSV
format_the_export_file Select the format for the export file.
stored_options Export preset
export_name Export preset name input placeholder
save Save button text
load Load button text
delete Delete button text
save_load_delete Save, load or delete your stored export options.
run_export Run Export button text
no_user_found No users found message.


license_inactive Information about the inactive license.

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