CM Email Blacklist (CMRB) - Importing Many Domains From a CSV File

Importing Domains From a CSV File

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The CM Email Registration Blacklist allows you to import multiple domains at once and to quickly assign them as whitelisted (permitted) or blacklisted (banned).

This is done by uploading a .CSV file to the plugin. It's essential that the file follows a certain format.

Download the sample .CSV file  here.

CSV File Specification

  • The file has to contain two columns and the first row will be disconsidered
  • Domains marked with 1 will be whitelisted
  • Domains marked with 0 will be blacklisted
  • Domains not marked with 0 or 1 will not be imported


Head to Admin Dashboard → CM E-Mail Registration Blacklist → Import.

In the Import screen, click the button Choose File (1) and then click Import from CSV (2).

You should see a message stating the import was successful. If there was any problem, it's likely that the CSV file is not properly formatted.

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