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This guide covers the free version of the SEO Keyword Hound.
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Table of Contents

  1. Differences Between Free and Pro
  2. How to Utilize The Plugin
    1. Overview
    2. Basic Concepts
    3. Finding The Plugin in The Back-End
  3. Quick Start
  4. Plugin Settings
    1. Plugin Options
    2. Metabox - Keywords
    3. Keyword Analysis
  5. All About The Keyword Metabox
  6. Additional Resources

Why Upgrade to Pro - Differences Between Free and Pro

Free Edition Pro Edition
Track keywords statistics for single pages
Track keywords statistics for single pages and compare them from the dashboard
Works in custom post types
Works in custom post types
Notifications for each page
- Compare your statistics with competitors for each page
- Visualize data with fancy graphs
- Dashboard with all monitored pages and events
- API Integrations - Easily gather data from Moz, Google Analytics and Google Search
Interface in English Translate the plugin with customizable labels
- Plugin can be used forever; one year support and updates

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How to Utilize The Plugin


The  CM SEO Keyword Hound is a powerful tool that helps you pursue your search engine optimization goals. It aggregates and tracks complex data in a centralized way, saving you time.

The plugin can be used both by beginners and experts alike. 

Basic Concepts

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a combination of practices aimed at increasing the ranking of web pages in Serps (Search Engine Result Pages). In practice, it helps websites showing up first in sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

One of the main elements of SEO is handling keywords - words or combination of words that make it easier for people to find your site via search engines. Improving the website's keywords is the focus of this plugin.

Finding The Plugin In The Back-End


The settings can be found under Admin Panel → CM SEO Keyword Hound → Settings.

Inside Pages and Posts

The SEO Keyword Hound focus on monitoring SEO performance of each page. It does so by adding the Keyword Metabox to the end of each page. In the free version, this is where the bulk of the work will be done.

Important: You must save or publish the page/post before this SEO Keyword Hound panels appear!

Note that you can choose in which pages they will appear in the plugin settings

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Quick Start

Edit the page or post you would like to improve.
Find the SEO Keywords at the end of the page - it will be empty. If you can't find it, make sure that you have saved or published the pagebefore.
You can click the button  Get Sample Keywords and the plugin will fetch some suggestions for you. They are based on the title, category and tags of that page or post.

Save and you the plugin will add these words for you.


Update the page and now you have access to the keywords statistics!


Enrich the your keyword collection. You can do this by:

  • Adding keywords via CSV upload or manually
  • Merging similar keywords (for instance website and websites)
  • Pinning your favourite keywords for easier reference
Check our documentation and video course for additional information and tips

Master your usage of keywords and boost SEO!

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Plugin Settings

Plugin Options

  • Supported post types (required option) - Posts where the keywords metabox will be visible.
  • Metaboxes grids size - Affects the size of all metaboxes. Choose between Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, and Huge.

    Difference between Tiny and Huge:
  • Metaboxes grids density - Choose between Comfortable, Cozy and Compact. 

    Difference between Comfortable and Compact: 

Metaboxes - Keyword Metabox

  • Keywords statistics table columns (required field) - Which tables will be visible in the statistics table. Example highlighted below:
  • Expand multiple alternative keyword lists - Allow or not multiple alternate keywords to be expanded at the same time. Example of behavior with setting off:

  • Show keyword alerts - Choose if the the warning icons will appear for these situations:
    • Keyword not found - Shown if the relevant keyword is not found on your page.
    • Density Warning - Shown if the relevant keyword appears too many times on your page.
  • Keyword changelog - Saves all changes made to the keyword as an entry in its note.

  • Keyword note labels - Choose the color and the label for each. By default, three of each are provided.

Keywords Analysis Settings

Note that all fields are mandatory. Also, be aware that statistics are only updated after saving a post or page — changing these options will not automatically update your post statistics.

  • Headers - Choose which headers will be taken into account during analysis. 
  • First X words - Choose how many words will be considered as first words during analysis. The plugin considers as "first words" content inside the <body> element of the page, excluding tags. In the following example, the first words are highlighted in red:

    <CENTER><IMG SRC="banner.jpg" ALIGN="BOTTOM"> </CENTER> 
    <a href=""> Link Name </a> is a link.
    <H1> This is a Header</H1> 
    <H2> This is a Medium Header</H2> 
    <P> This is a paragraph</P> 

    As such, the first words would be "Link Name is a link. This is a Header This is a Medium Header This is a paragraph".

    Affects the   SEO Keywords Metabox.

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All AboutThe Keyword Metabox

Learn more about each
  1. Keywords Panel
  2. Statistics Panel
  3. Control Panel
  4. Global Panel

Keywords Panel

This section shows the keywords that are currently related to the page. 

  • Search - Use this to search for specific keywords.
  • Keyword - Clicking a keyword allows you to edit it. It's possible to reorder keywords by dragging and dropping them. Dragging an alternate keyword will affect the whole cluster.
  • Branching icon -  Show or collapse the alternate keywords view. 
  • + Keyword button - Manually add a keyword.

Statistics Panel

Here you can find the current status of the keywords in your text. Clicking a main keyword allows you to edit it and clicking an alternative keyword allows you to edit the alternate keyword list.

If you are comparing them to a competitor or to a snapshot, the compared status will appear in a highlighted color to the right of your current page content.

Note: Current page keyword numbers reflect what is found when the frontend of your website is crawled. This means that if you have updated your content with additional keywords, you must hit "Publish" to refresh your on page stats.

  • Statistics table - You can change the sort order in the "Order by" toggle in the lower right.
  • Keyword Notes - Hovering the mouse shows a preview of the notes and clicking allows you to edit them.
  • Keyword Options - A collection of options for each keyword
    • Main keywords
      • Edit keyword - Statistics for changed keyword will be updated after post save. All keywords are standardized for lower case.
      • Alternate keywords - Add or remove alternate keywords. Separate multiple entries with commas. Suggested alternatives: plurals, alternate spellings.
      • Web search - Shortcut for looking up the word in different search engines. Same effect as clicking the keyword.
      • Thesaurus - If the Thesaurus API is properly configured, this option will open a pop-up with the definitions fetched by the service. You can select them and either add them as new keywords or add them as alternate keywords to a primary keyword.
      • Google Analytics - Opens the Google Analytics report. 
      • Mark in Content - Highlights the keyword in the content area. Note: Works only in the visual editor mode.
      • Pin Keyword - Pin keywords to the draggable "Pinned Keywords Box" to keep keywords and their stats in view while simultaneously editing the page or post's content. You can view the status of pinned words separately. 
      • Merge Keyword - Combine two primary keywords. Select which keyword to merge into from a dropdown menu of all primary keywords. A merged keyword will carry over all its alternates. This cannot be undone.
      • Remove Keyword - Delete a primary keyword and all of its alternatives. This cannot be undone.
    • Alternate keywords
      • Web search - Shortcut for looking up the word in different search engines. Same effect as clicking the keyword.
      • Google Analytics - Opens the Google Analytics report.
      • Make Primary Keyword - Turns this alternate keyword in a new main one. This cannot be undone.
      • Move to Other Keyword - Migrates this alternate keyword to another keyword.
      • Remove Alternate Keyword - Deletes it. This cannot be undone.
  • Refresh and Close: These options will be available when you are comparing your keywords. They affect the comparison only.

Control Panel

Shows the current number of words in the text and the monitored keywords, including alternates.


Global Panel

Here you can change settings that will affect all keywords.

  1. General Keywords Settings (Cog Icon)
    1. Google Analytics - Opens a Google Analytics page with the stats for the current keyboard
    2. Recalculate Statistics - Refreshes the statistics.
    3. Take Snapshot - Saves the current page status as a snapshot.
    4. Compare Snapshot - Compares the current page content to a previously saved snapshot. 
    5. Notifications - Enable notifications for this page. Enter the email address for notifications to be sent to. 
    6. Reset Count - Choose if you would like to reset the count for notifications on this page. This will cause the day counter to return to zero, triggering a notification to be sent after x number of days as defined in the plugin settings.
    7. CSV Import and Export - Download or upload CSV files with the full keyword list, including primary and alternate keywords. Does not include statistics.
    8. Comma Delimetered Export - Provides a list of all keywords separated by a comma. Can be easily copied to the clipboard.
  2. Add NoteManage the notes for this specific page.
  3. Show Pinned KeywordsActivates a draggable box that displays selected stats of pinned keywords. Can be moved around your screen while editing page content to keep essential keyword opportunities in view. Example:

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Additional Resources

If you would like to improve your SEO knowledge, we have prepared a list of useful resources.

Check them:  SEO Keyword Hound Resources

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More information about the  SEO Keyword Hound by CreativeMinds.

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