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The world of SEO can seem daunting, as there is much to learn. We prepared a series of resources to step up your SEO game.

How to Start?

New users might think that WordPress SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) can seem like a nebulous thing.

To get the ball rolling with your own SEO efforts, we’ve gathered below our favorite WordPress SEO resources and strategies.

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Where Can I Find Better Keywords?

Finding better and more powerful keywords is a constant process, necessary to ensure the best KPI possible. There are many techniques to perform this and reading about them all can be exhausting. 

So why not watching videos from reliable sources? We curated nine videos to help you to find the ultimate keywords.

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How Can I Write Better Titles?

Having a strong title is of utmost importance to grab readers' attention. And not only: search engines have their preferences over how an ideal title should be, thus generating an impact on SEO. 

It doesn't have to be hard: we created a guide with 11 easy steps to make sure your titles are a good fit.

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Where Can I Learn More About SEO?

Finding resources about SEO is easy and quick: it just takes some few Google searches. However, the sheer number of websites, courses and such is certainly overwhelming.

To help with that, we filtered some of the most effective paths you can take to become an SEO master.

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