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Settings - Moderation

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To configure moderation settings in the WordPress Interactive Map plugin, navigate to the Admin Dashboard  CM Maps Locations Pro  Settings. Head to the Moderation tab. Here it is possible for the moderation of new locations to be toggled on and off, as well as for the moderation notifications to be configured.

To define which content will require admin moderation, head to Settings - Access Control.

Moderation settings - Google Maps WordPress Plugin
Moderation settings


In this section, moderation can be toggled on and off for new locations. The email addresses of the moderators can be entered here.

Enabling moderation - Maps Plugin
Enabling moderation


Here is where the notification emails for the Moderator and the location's author are configured. The email subject, as well as the email template, are made with dynamic shortcodes.

Notifications settings - Store Locator WordPress Plugin
Notifications settings

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