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There are two icons in the PeepSo Profile Widget which you can replace. The icons are imported from the DashIcons library. Head over to this library and see if there is anything that you would prefer for your Maps and Manage Maps links.

Where in the Dashboard to make the changes

On the WordPress dashboard navigate to PeepSo → Configuration → CM Map Locations → Profile Widget.

Identify the two fields labeled Locations link icon CSS and Manage Locations link icon CSS.

Finding new Icons

Head over to the DashIcons library and browse for icons that you might prefer.  Click Here to browse the DashIcons library.

Select the icon that you would like to use. Then copy the css by highlighting and clicking copy or clicking the Copy CSS below it.

Pasting in the new icon CSS

Head back over to the PeepSo Configuration page. Replace the existing CSS with the new for the icon that you would like to change.

Click on the Save Settings button below to save your changes.

Now back on the User Dashboard the icon should have changed to the newly chosen icon.

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