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Plugin Settings

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The Locations Manager Integration Plugin requires both the PeepSo core and the CM Locations Manager Plugins to be installed and activated first.

Upon activating the Integration Plugin and installing the licence for it new Settings will become available in the PeepSo settings on the WordPress dashboard for controlling the behaviour and appearance of the Locations Manager on the PeepSo front-end.

To access the configuration settings for PeepSo - Locations manager, on the WordPress dashboard navigate to PeepSo → Config CM Map Locations.

User Profile: User's Locations Tab

The appearance of the Locations tab on each user's profile page can be configured using the settings in the User Profile: User's Locations Tab section.

  • Show "Locations" tab in the user's profile shortcode - Toggles whether the Locations tab will appear or not. Upon installation and activation of the Integration plugin this is set to Yes by default.
  • Location's featured image - Choose between the first image added for the location and a thumbnail of the map with marker.
  • Manage locations under "My Locations" tab - Enabling this option allows the Plugin users to manage their locations (add new or update or edit existing). A button will appear when the Locations tab is selected to facilitate locations management.

User Profile: Manage Locations Tab

The Admin has the option to add the Manage Locations tab to users' navigation menus as well or instead. This is done using the following setting. The new tab to navigate to the Manage locations tool looks something like this on the front-end.

Profile Widget

PeepSo offers the ability to include a profile widget on any or all posts. The widget can appear in the side bar, header or footer. With the Maps Locations integration addon it's possible to add a link to the Locations page or the Manage locations tool within this widget.

To Toggle the Locations widget option or the Manage Locations widget option on or off use the Profile Widget settings.

Activity Feed

The CM Maps Locations integration widget offers the admin the choice of having status updates automatically post to a user's profile page and to the activity feed when they create a new Maps Location.

The Settings for the automatic updates for new Locations allow for this feature to be simply goggled on or off and also allow for some customization of the template that is used to generate the posts.

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