MicroPayments PeepSo Integration - Charging PeepSo members for Points

Charging PeepSo members for Points

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You have the option to allow your PeepSo members to purchase more points through their PeepSo profile in the wallet tab. Doing this can allow you to earn money through your PeepSo profile with Micropayments as the currency system on the site.


Enabling the Purchase Points feature

To enable this feature, navigate to PeepSo → Configuration → CM Micropayments → General Settings.

There locate the option labeled Show the shortcode allowing to buy points in the profile

Set it to Yes to enable customers to purchase points or No to disable the feature.

Scroll down and click on the Save Settings button to save your changes. Then return to the front-end and refresh to check that your changes were successful.

Changing the amounts available for users to buy

The options you give to customers for how many points they can buy at a time and for what price is controlled through the Micropayments platform core plugin settings. Go to CM Micropayment Platform → Settings → Points.

To modify an existing payment option, hover over it and click on the Edit option which will appear.

To create a new payment option click on the Add New button above the list.

For further instructions on adding Points options Click Here.

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