MicroPayments PeepSo Integration - Granting Points for Actions

Granting users Points for PeepSo Actions

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The PeepSo Micropayments integration add-on features a handy tool for granting your PeepSo members points for completing certain PeepSo actions on your site. Some of the most successful social media platforms have taken advantage of gamification pushing customer retention into the stratosphere.

Adding Points for Actions

To automatically grant users points for performing PeepSo Actions navigate to PeepSo → Configuration → CM Micropayments → Points for actions.Within the Points for actions you will find various fields with different labels. To add points for a certain action find the appropriate field and enter the number of points to grant the user for completing the action.

Available actions include:

  • Points for posting an update
  • Points for deleting an update
  • Points for Adding an avatar
  • Points for changing a cover photo
  • Points for adding a comment

After adding the points to the field that you would like to grant users for completing your chosen action or actions, remember to click the Save Settings button at the bottom.


Now when a user completes the action you have set points for, their wallet will automatically be credited with micropayments points and their transaction history will display Grant.

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